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How to Clean and Store your Toothbrush!

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important daily routines. A clean toothbrush that is in good condition is essential for good oral hygiene and in killing the germs that cause bad… Continue reading

5 Steps to Prevent Plaque

Have you ever run your tongue along the front of your teeth and felt a slimy coating? It’s called plaque, buildup of bacteria, and if you let it stick around for too long,… Continue reading

Prevent Ho-Ho-Holes in Your Teeth

We get it… it’s the holidays and during this time of the year our teeth sure take a beat down… Here are five common treats to limit during the holidays: Candy Canes: The… Continue reading

Stay Cavity Free this Holiday Season

It’s already begun – the deluge of holiday chocolates, delicious cookies and tins of four-flavored popcorn. They come as gifts from family, friends and coworkers, get set out at neighborhood holiday parties but that doesn’t mean that you have to visit us in January with a mouth full of cavities.